Understanding Health Improvement Level 2 Award

Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement

Healthcare is changing. It no longer means just treating illness; it is now an opportunity to promote healthier lifestyles. Choosing Health, the Government’s strategy for healthcare, sets out a new vision for our society, where people can get practical support to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves. Anyone who works with the public in a health related environment can become a part of Choosing Health.

This Level 2 qualification is specifically designed for people with an interest in developing public health knowledge and skills. It would be particularly relevant to people working in pharmacies, sports centres, prisons, care homes, colleges or schools, and those with responsibility for staff welfare. In short, anyone who is concerned with the well-being of the people in their community.
It is also the first step towards becoming a fully qualified Health Trainer.
This award provides knowledge and understanding of the benefits of good health and well-being, and of how to direct individuals towards further practical support in attaining a healthier lifestyle.
• The role of health training in the workplace and the community
• Basic models of behaviour change and how to use these to help people
• The barriers to health improvement
• How to access further information and assistance
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