Logistics Operations Qualifications

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What is this qualification?
This qualification is a National Vocational qualification (NVQ). It involves the skills and knowledge needed to do the job, ability to organise work and identify and prevent problems. NVQs are based on national occupational standards, which the learner must meet to be competent in a particular task. The achievement of NVQs will encourage an employee to value their contribution to the workplace, and it will develop their skills and potential.
Who is this qualification for?

Individuals who work at a supervisory or team-leading level of responsibility in logistics organisations. They could, for example, be working in warehousing and storage, transport, or freight forwarding. The qualification is particularly relevant to those who already have basic experience and an understanding of the logistics industry.

Learner’s undertaking Skills for Logistics apprenticeship frameworks.
What does this qualification cover?
The skills and knowledge in one or more of a wide variety of logistics activities including:

Schedule logistics operations to meet customer requirements

Optimise the use of logistics resources

Develop contingency plans for logistics operations

Utilise transport modes in logistics operations

Apply technology in logistics operations

Develop relationships with logistics customers

Improve the quality of logistics operations

Respond to contingencies during logistics operations

Monitor the environmental impact of logistics operations

Arrange the transportation of goods using multiple transport modes

Organise the preparation of documentation for the transportation of goods

Manage the receipt, storage, or dispatch of goods

Audit stock levels and stock records

Provide leadership for your team

Allocate and check work in your team

Download the full Level 3 Qualification standards here

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